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ERA Test

molecular genetic diagnostic test

TheERA Test (Endometrial Receptivity Array) is a molecular genetic diagnostic test patented by Igenomix, which assesses a woman's endometrial receptivity status with the aim of preventing embryo implantation failure.

This particular type of test is able to detect each patient's specific 'implantation time window' thus enabling personalised embryo transfer (pET) and increasing the chances of success.

What does the ERA Test involve?

Normally, the endometrium is examined with ultrasound, which allows its thickness and structure to be assessed.
With the ERA Test, on the other hand, the molecular expression of 248 genes related to endometrial receptivity status can be assessed.

The first step of the test consists of a simple and quick endometrial biopsy performed on an outpatient basis at our clinic, during a natural cycle or a hormone replacement therapy (HRT) cycle.

Subsequently, the sample is sent to the molecular genetics laboratory, which will carry out the analysis using innovative parallel sequencing technology (Next-Generation Sequencing), and the gene expression levels detected make it possible to assess whether the endometrium was receptive for embryo transfer on those days or whether the so-called 'implantation window' must be postponed ((Non-receptive).

Applications and suitabilityof the ERA Test

The ERA Test is suitable in the following cases:

  • - women who have suffered multiple implantation failures despite having morphologically good embryos.
  • - women with a morphologically normal uterus and a normal endometrial thickness (≥ 6 mm), who therefore do not constitute the fertility problem.