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The most widespread reproductive technique, whereby sperm is deposited in the uterine cavity.

We speak of artificial insemination when, in the case of male sterility or reduced sperm viability, a medical artificial fertilisation operation is required (i.e. not by natural methods) involving the insertion of sperm into the female genital tract.

Artificial insemination belongs to the category of first-level (also called minor) assisted reproduction techniques and can be divided into:
- - Homologous or intramarital or AIH (Artificial Insemination Husband) when the sperm used comes from the patient's partner;
- - Heterologous, when the sperm that is used comes from a donor outside the couple or from a sperm bank.

The CMR performs the technique of INTRAUTERINE INSEMINATION IUI, which is certainly the most widespread technique and involves depositing the sperm in the uterine cavity.

We proceed with moderate pharmacological stimulation of multiple follicular growth.

In order to avoid multiple pregnancies , caused by a possible overdevelopment of follicles, the patient will undergo ultrasound checks during the treatment.

At the time of ovulation, a sperm selection process is carried out in order to improve the condition of the semen.

The insemination process is then carried out, depositing the sperm directly into the uterine cavity via a catheter.

This technique is indicated in infertility due to the inability of sperm to penetrate the cervical mucous and in the event of slight alterations in the semen.